About the Event

About the Event

Wellness. That all-encompassing good feeling when mind, body and spirit are in balance. Part nutrition, part outlook, supported by medicine, it always comes wrapped in daily habits.

Researchers at the Salk Institute have long recognized the importance of nutrition in fueling the body’s many systems. They analyze diet down to the chemical details.

Chefs, likewise, know how good food supports good health. They begin with the purest ingredients then employ novel kitchen techniques to optimize nutrition while enhancing flavor.

Now, the Salk Institute is exploring the overlap between the art of cooking and the science of nutrition in an inaugural wellness event that’s certain to please palates: “The Art & Science of Cuisine.”

Guests at this mixer will have the opportunity to meet some of San Diego’s most talented and freshest-thinking chefs—and sample their recipes at tasting stations.

Complementing the fare will be up-to-the-minute information from Salk scientists about the latest research into the links between nutrition and health, and the role diet may play in disease risk.

“The Art & Science of Cuisine” is an event designed to inform, to inspire and to usher in a new year of wellness for you and your family.

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Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Every cure has a starting point. Like Dr. Jonas Salk when he conquered polio, Salk scientists are dedicated to innovative biological research. Exploring the molecular basis of diseases makes curing them more likely. In an outstanding and unique environment we gather the foremost scientific minds in the world and give them the freedom to work collaboratively and think creatively. For over 50 years this wide-ranging scientific inquiry has yielded life-changing discoveries impacting human health. We are home to Nobel Laureates and members of the National Academy of Sciences who train and mentor the next generation of international scientists. We lead biological research. We prize discovery. Salk is where cures begin. Visit us at www.salk.edu