Reuben Shaw

Isabel Cruz, Reuben Shaw and Joy Houston

Isabel Cruz, Chef at Isabel’s Kitchen, Reuben Shaw, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory and Joy Houston, Chef at The Delicious Revolution

Reuben Shaw, an associate professor in the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory, studies signal transduction pathways that underlie the development of cancer and metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

While investigating one of the most commonly mutated genes in lung cancer, Dr. Shaw discovered an energy-sensing pathway that shuts down cell growth and reprograms metabolism when nutrients are scarce. His lab went on to molecularly decode a number of new components of this biochemical pathway, which connects nutrition to both cancer and metabolic diseases, and to tease out the precise role of each component of the signaling pathway. In the past five years at Salk, their studies have led to the discovery of new therapies for both cancer and type 2 diabetes.

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